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About Us

The PS Fertility Story

PS Fertility, a clinical diagnostic and life sciences company is changing the way male fertility testing is conducted in order to help couples undergoing fertility care — which in the U.S. alone, includes approximately seven million couples each year.

The PS Fertility story begins with a breakthrough discovery by researchers at the University of Virginia concerning sperm and egg fusion in human reproduction. The novel discovery led researchers to uncover exciting, new and meaningful information about sperm function that quantifies the levels of fertilization-competent sperm. This information allows healthcare providers to better advise couples of the likelihood of fertilization and help guide fertility treatment options.

Two of the original researchers, Dr. Jeffery Lysiak and Dr. Kodi Ravichandran, teamed with entrepreneur Kevin Combs to form PS Fertility, a company dedicated to developing a suite of novel male fertility tests focused on analyzing the ability of sperm to fertilize an egg, not simply its overall viability.

PS Fertility’s patent-pending technology takes fertility testing to a new level, bringing a fresh perspective to fertility through innovative, effective testing for males. The tests result in meaningful information about male infertility which is lacking in current conventional testing.

With our revolutionary testing procedure, PS Fertility can provide valuable insight to couples about their personal fertility journey, unlocking a new avenue to fertility treatment and improving the ability to conceive.

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