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Donor Volunteer Program

What is the Donor Volunteer Program?

PS Fertility has developed a diagnostic test for men that are experiencing fertility challenges in their relationship.

PS Fertility needs to establish a baseline range for our testing. To accomplish this baseline, we need 100 men who meet the minimum eligibility requirements to provide semen samples.

Sample collection is simple, private and timely.

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How will your sample help?

At any given time in America, there are more than 7 million couples in fertility counseling. By helping to establish a baseline for our test, you may be able to help men who are facing this challenge. Your help in this program has the potential to guide treatment, provide solutions and offer a new avenue of hope for fertility.

What are the eligibility requirements for ideal participants?

Will my sample be used for anything else?

No. Your sample will be used to establish a baseline for our test. Your samples will not be used to make human embryos or to make a baby.

What is the process for participating?

Qualified participants will receive an email with instructions followed by a kit mailed directly to their home for semen sample collection. Participants will return their completed semen sample kit directly to PS Fertility using a pre-paid package. Once the kit is received, participants will receive a $50 Amazon eGift card.